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Transitioning Military

We understand the need for stability and being close to home.

We hire hundreds of reservists, veterans and post-military personnel annually. We understand your unique skills and needs and we create the best environment for your success. The right trucking job at Holland means:


  • More Money  

  • More Time Home & Flexibility

  • More Guarantees








What do we mean by flexibility? 

Our civilian trucking jobs will get drivers home daily or weekly, depending on the type of job you choose. We can guarantee home time for weekend drills and annual training — You won’t need to use your vacation time.


What do we mean by supporting our drivers?

All funding for training will be covered by your G.I. Bill benefits, tax-free. In addition, Holland wants to pay your room and board while you earn your license. Holland extends your health care benefits if you are deployed for up to 18 months and guarantees a job for you on your return.


We Have Joined Forces to Support Our Troops

The team at Holland understands that transitioning from fatigues to the civilian lifestyle can be difficult. We support our troops, whether active or veterans, and we have joined forces to see them succeed after their service commitments.


  • Wounded Warrior Project
  • 100,000 Jobs Mission
  • ESGR
  • Hero 2 Hired
  • Hiring Our Heroes
  • Military Friendly Employer


 I enjoy working at Holland. Its a great company who cares about its people and their future. I would suggest it to my family and friends.




Join the Ranks of our Drivers

Quickly build a strong resume thanks to your military experience.


  • Benefit from your MOS Experience: When looking for a career, we want to include your time in the service and use that experience will use your Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) to fast track you into job placement. For example, let us help you transfer your 88M (Motor Transportation Specialist) training and work experience with large cargo vehicles into your CDL.


  • DD Form 214: While your MOS sums up your vocational position, your military decorations and citations are included on your DD Form 214 Enlisted Record and Report of Separation Honorable Discharge. To benefit, include with your application and stand out from the crowd. Holland takes into consideration all of your enlisted achievements and recognitions.


  • Flexible Schedule for Reservists: Because Holland appreciates your commitment to serve our country, we are flexible to accommodate your work schedule alongside your required military duties. Just as you know how to adapt and overcome, Holland will work with you and adapt to both your weekend and extended periods of military training.


"Our industry-leading health care benefits and a competitive pay package enable us to have the opportunity to place those who have served our country not just in a job but in a career."

 —James Welch, former CEO


Apply at Holland today and make your career happen!


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