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Driver Spotlight: Tim Salyer

A driver that goes the extra mile... and logs a fine reputation!

For a trucking company, miles are the measurement standard. Holland employees traverse many miles in one day.

Tim Salyer - Holland Truck Driver

So when Frank Blizzard, the Dayton, Ohio, terminal manager said Tim Salyer goes the extra mile, that’s important.

Holland, a leader in the trucking industry, values customer service and they value employees who practice customer satisfaction. Blizzard isn’t talking about Salyer’s odometer. He’s talking about Salyer’s customer service.

Tim Salyer, who works from the Dayton service center, is such a driver said Blizzard.

“Tim doesn’t just take the extra step for the customer; he goes the extra mile. Tim makes all of his customers feel as if they were his only customer.”

Blizzard said Salyer is a quality employee. Salyer is experienced, an ideal driver, skilled, safe, courteous, dedicated, positive, and customer oriented.

Salyer, who has worked for Holland for more than 25 years, currently serves as a city driver from Dayton to the Greenville, Ohio, area. He has logged a fine reputation among his friends at Team Holland.

“He is courteous, attentive, and always willing to help out,” said Blizzard.

Salyer’s reputation extends beyond the trucking terminal.

“We recently hired a new account executive, Dave Hines, who was assigned to the Greenville area,” said Blizzard. “After his very first day of making calls, Dave comes to tell me that everywhere he went, he had customers give completely unsolicited compliments and praise about our driver, Tim Salyer. That’s the quality of employee that Tim is.”

Holland values employees like Salyer, who strives to care for the needs of the customer as well as those with whom he shares the road and terminal.

To put your customer service skills to work for a company that values your work, view Holland's truck driver job openings and apply today.




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