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Driver Spotlight: David Henry

Inducted to the 3 million mile hall of fame

If David Henry had played professional football he would be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. If he were a rock musician, he would be in Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. David Henry is a hall of famer in the trucking industry.

Henry was honored for reaching a professional standard few drivers achieve. A Holland professional driver, Henry successfully logged 3 million consecutive miles without a single preventable collision.

David Henry did not opt to play professional football or strive to become a rock star. Henry chose to drive for Holland, an industry leader.

“Safety is paramount at Holland,” said Scott Ware, president of Holland. “We are tremendously proud of David and his incredible accomplishment.”

Henry’s 3 million mile mark is incredible. He is one of seven active Holland drivers to achieve this milestone. There are 428 active Holland drivers who have reached the 1 million mile marker without a preventable accident and only 146 Holland drivers who have 2 million consecutive miles without a preventable accident.

Watch Video: David's interview as he was honored with 3 million mile award

"Having world-class professionals such as David on our team is absolutely invaluable – both for our customers and business,” said Ware. “We thank David for his commitment to safety and his 28 years of impeccable service.”

To demonstrate their appreciation for Henry, Holland arranged a police escort to the Cleveland service center on April 25 to usher Henry and his rig to a celebration with co-workers and his family. He was presented a trophy, a ring, and a commemorative 3 million miler leather jacket.

“The celebration was really memorable,” said Henry. “Holland made me feel very special that day. Mike Dzura, Cleveland service center manager, did such a great job getting everything lined up and it was very nice for the officers to come in from out of town. My whole family was just totally blown away by all of it. I am very grateful to have had the experience.”

If you want to become a hall of fame driver at Holland, view the truck driver job openings and apply today.

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